Since 2001 DTP is supporting students, who have completed Form II (9th grade) at the school Kizimkazi mkunguni (3 villages), by facilitating the possibility to continue with school (Form II-IV / 10th-11th grade) in town. School sponsorships (16,- EUR per month) allow for tutoring, travel cost, teaching material and exam fees. Profound changes to the system were applied in 2007: all secondary classes were transferred to the respective villages with the groups of teachers remaining unchanged. The already rather poor quality of education thus suffered a decline once more. Subsequently, DTP employed two private tutors from town offering further tuition over the weekends in English and mathematics to students of Form III and Form IV in the villages.

In 2011 the school Kizimkazi ranked first for graduates of Form IV on Zanzibar. The headmaster though insisted on hiring more local teachers rather than asking for the substitute teachers from town. Subsequently, this was leading to a decline of already gained great achievements. The DTP gradually removed itself from supporting supplement teachers in order to call the ministry of education to employ sufficient teachers.

In 2013 the individual support of the following was taken up again: carpenters, electricians, tailors, auto mechanics and drivers. Also English- and IT courses as well as advanced secondary education (Form V and VI / A-Levels) are being supported since then. For the first time contracts were made with students, in which they agree to an individual and self-chosen social or ecological commitment in their home community. The support provided is constantly adapted to changing surroundings but the basis of it is a school sponsorship of 192,- EUR per year.

Next to school sponsorships, DTP is currently supporting university training courses through donor groups in form of scholarships for two students of IT and two students of education.