The German-Tanzanian coalition hosts volunteering-programs in Tanzania and Germany with the goal of international understanding, environmental protection, education and a sustainable engagement for a fair future.

DTPs projects create opportunities for young adults of both countries to meet and to get to know each other. Together they can can develop ideas and projects with the concept of sustainability. We are convinced, that well prepared encounters of different parties have a positive impact on learning processes. Thus it is very important for the DTP to create an environment marked by respect, frankness and permanent exchange to fight prejudices and to enable a friendly cooperation. 

The DTP sets itself the goal, to create more awareness for a global feeling of togetherness and to confront the challenges of globalization actively. The work ideology lays on three pillars:

International understanding

The key to the DTPs work is intensive intercultural exchange, that is promoted deliberately in the volunteering-programs. We strongly emphasize that our volunteers learn the local language, understand their role as learner and prepare themselves intensively to the intercultural encounters. The volunteers are assisted and encouraged to place themselves in unfamiliar life-realities, reflect on their way of living and to discover new ones.

Climate protection and renewable energies

With projects we promote Tanzania to develop and use renewable energies in a sustainable way. Our volunteers deal with ecological inter-dependencies and contribute with their knowledge and commitment to a new appreciation for the necessity and opportunities of a renewable energy supply and of climate change.

School and education

Educational-partnerships help us to support Tanzanian pupils on their education. We invest into the creation of learning-material concerning climate change and renewable energies. The volunteering service "Global learning - practically implemented" allows student teachers to travel to Tanzania, gain experience in education and to cooperatively shape education with their Tanzanian colleges. Later on they will be able convey contents about global justice out of their own experience.

During the volunteers service the DTP encourages them to take the role as a "multiplicator" to share and to bring their experiences into their private and professional environment. The DTP actively emboldens the volunteers to implement their own projects in their society. Their knowledge and commitment should be a catalyst for global learning with many participants, to reach the vision of a fair and sustainable global future.