We want to face the global challenge of the climate change and the equitableness of the global south and global north in a holistic and interdisciplinary way.

Alimentation and the production chain of our food products are conductive to at least 20 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions. We invite participants at our events/seminars to get to know concepts of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, bio-forestry, regional and seasonal consumption as well as fair trade.

Employees and volunteers are able to arrange their work schedule flexibly to be able conciliate the work with other areas of life. While choosing our employees and volunteers we follow gender and diversity aspects. The encouragement of women and the reduction of stereotypes in a multiplicity of many areas are some of our main concerns.

Travel: For our business trips we are traveling by train, bus or bicycle. Likewise we wish that participants of our seminars choose a climate agreeable means of transportation. Cost of travel by cars and planes can just be pleaded in reasonable individual cases. The flights to Tanzania are serious matters in the ecological backpack.

Office: We are reducing our paper consumption while using a preferable paperless office, double sided prints and the reuse of "jotting paper" –all for sure on recycled paper! About the office equipment: we practice circular flow economy, which means used equipment is getting a new home. Also, we avoid standby power consumption by using edge connectors.

Bank: We are using an account of the social-ecological GLS Bank.