We have been involved in renewable energy projects in Tanzania since 1998. In addition to the ecological aspect, we pay attention to social orientation, educational character and the strengthening of local structures, such as umbrella associations for renewable energies, women's groups, or vocational schools. Since 2005, the close cooperation with Tanzanian partners has been supported by voluntary services for German and Tanzanian youth. They are taking part actively and intensively prepared as learners in local initiatives.

Since the founding of DTP, we have carried out various projects with partners in the context of environmental and climate protection, in particular through the strengthening of renewable energies. We maintain strong partnerships with associations and people in Tanzania. In principle, we carry out projects in Tanzania with Tanzanian partners. During the implementation, we cooperate with Tanzanian experts and use products that are already available in Tanzania. Knowledge and access to technology thus remain independent of us and remain available even after the end of the project. In project development, a central goal is the strengthening of local structures, mostly the umbrella associations for renewable energies in Tanzania and Zanzibar, TAREA and ZASEA. Through volunteer programs in Germany and Tanzania, we offer young people from both countries the opportunity to learn with and from each other and to develop ideas.