Volunteer projects

The DTP organizes the four listed volunteer programs in collaboration with Tanzanian partners. Working with volunteers is an important focus of our work. The volunteer programs are meant to give volunteers the opportunity to collect intercultural experiences, share and exchange of ideas.

The volunteer program is understood to be similar to a long term internship, as well as the role of volunteers is similar to that of a long term intern. Volunteers are not to be understood as experts. They are young motivated people with individual skills, knowledge and background with an interest in learning and participating in the hosting organizations

An intensive preparation before, monitoring during and reflection after the programm are an important part of the projects. Many of the participants make a positive contribution to society after program. The quality of care and organization of the volunteer programs of DTP is awarded with the QUIFD seal. QUIFD stands for Quality in voluntary services.


Information for hosting organizations from Tanzania

weltwaerts for renewable energies in Tanzania

weltwaerts for global learning in Tanzania


Information for volunteers from Tanzania

weltwaerts south-north programm in Germany

renewable energy volunteers in Tanzania