The contribution of the volunteers is very important to finance the voluntary program! We ask the volunteers to contribute to the financing of their year, depending on the program with 2,350 euros for the international understanding and climate protection program or 1,950 euros for the shorter teaching program. This amount corresponds to the monthly costs for accommodation, meals and pocket money. We expect the volunteers to strive to build a donor circle and become active. We support you of course! The volunteers receive a fundraising guide with many tips, experiences and templates. In addition, all volunteers are supported by former weltwärts volunteers in fundraising and preparation.

"While fundraising initially was a major hurdle, it quickly became a real sense of achievement and at the same time was a first reason to deal with the stay argumentatively, in order to be able to recruit donors. So it was a positive experience ”

Felix Vogt-Heffinger, former volunteer

The acquisition of donations is not only important for the funding of the program, but already an important part of it. It offers opportunities to gain experience with press and public relations work, to prepare intensively for one's own stay and the host organization and to arouse the interest of others in development policy issues. Our previous volunteers have made an important contribution to their year as a volunteer. Good addresses were charitable associations, foundations, local companies, as well as relatives, families and acquaintances.