REN volunteer from MafingaSince 2007 the DTP organizes the REN programme together with TAREA. This programme offers young Tanzanians, who finished vocational school in the field of renewable energies, the opportunity to work in a company in order to improve their skills and acquire better qualifications. Furthermore, the participants might get the chance to be hired afterwards. During the programme the volunteers receive financial support by DTP.

The companies that train graduates from vocational schools benefit from costless workforce. Usually the volunteers were employed after the one-year-training. Meanwhile, three Tanzanian vocational schools established renewable energies as a training course. The companies have made good experiences with the REN programme as a result their demand for qualified employees from vocational school rises. Since September 2012 the programme is organized by TAREA and co-financed by the involved companies. TAREA does not only use any opportunity of employment services, but also regularly promotes the programme in its magazine SunEnergy to catch other companies interest.