We believe that an intensive and educational preparation, mentoring and a follow-up after the return are very important. With a total of 31 days of seminar and an additional language course we are offering a comprehensive program that has proven themselves in many years. The preparations begin with a Swahili course that lasts at least one week. Afterwards the volunteers are participating in a 12 days seminar that is supposed to prepare our volunteers for their year in Tanzania. Intercultural exchange, the role and responsibility of volunteers in the host country and the aspects of climate protection and sustainability are discussed during the seminar. The first days in Tanzania the volunteers are spending together in Dar es Salaam. During this introduction week the first experiences and impressions will be shared and discussed. Our volunteers are accompanied and supported by mentors, both in Tanzania and Germany, as well as former volunteers throughout the whole year. During the midterm seminar the first month are reflected together, solutions for occurring and possible problems are identified and discussed, the volunteers are setting new goals from themselves for the remaining time and project ideas are shared and debated. After their return to Germany their experiences are reviewed and options on how to become multipliers are discussed during a 5 days long seminar.