Travel broadens peoples' mind – this simple truth is part of our socialisation. The world is wide open for many young Europeans in order to gain any kind of experience in any country. It is the complete opposite for most young Tanzanian. Our Penpal Class Trip 2010 across Tanzania was and still is a unique occasion for young Tanzanians. It was particularly moving to see the the students' commitment to absorb everything new and exciting. There was no tiredness, no slackness, to make sure not to miss out on anything.

„For 9 years we are corresponding by letter with students from the village school of Kizimkazi now. During the spring holidays we are planning to travel to Tanzania to make a trip together with our penpals. We wish to visit those young people, with who we are in touch with for so long and still don't have much more than a brief impression. A simple piece of paper every half a year doesn't help to show the personalities behind." – Hannah Duffek and Sina Drinkgiern,10th grade from the Grootmoor school, Hamburg, December 2009

During the class trip in TanzaniaThanks to generous donations from friends and family I have collected enough money, to fulfil the dream of Tanzanian students to make a joint trip in their home country. It was not just my dream but also the one of many students and teachers in Kizimkazi. This became apparent quite affectingly during the preparations and on graduation day. Steffi Hupfer, teacher at Grootmoor School in Hamburg, arrived in Dar es Salaam together with the two students Hannah Duffek and Sina Drinkgiern in the afternoon of March 5th. Afterwards, we travelled to Zanzibar together. Two sets of parents were willing to send their children, Hannah and Sina, on such a long journey.