Kawaida’s Journey: new pathways in cross-cultural collaboration

We are an intercultural team of Tanzanian and German artists who create a unique mobile game set in the East African environment. Our aim is to draw attention to Swahili culture and encourage cross-cultural communication and social development. To do so we combine Swahili references with great gameplay and storytelling.

We work hand in hand with Tanzanian and German non-governmental organizations and support local projects in Tanzania. In the game you will find references to real world projects and background information.

All the game music will be produced by Tanzanian artists and a soundtrack will be available via online music stores to support the local musicians. We also include Tanzanian and German youths in the game developing process as we conduct Workshops.

The project coordinator, Kolja Bopp, is a former volunteer himself and a founder of the NGO Kawaida - Social Service in Africa.

Please allow us to stay independent and make a donation to the project (via Kawaida e.V. IBAN: DE68 4306 0967 2007 8606 00, BIC: GENO DE M 1 GLS, subject: Cultural Game). Asante sana, thank you very much!

Contact: info@kawaidasjourney.de

Homepage: www.kawaidasjourney.de

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kawaidasjourney