In spring 2000 a kindergarden for 120 children at the age of 5 years (juniors) and 6 years (seniors) was completed. At the same time three of the four kindergarden teachers had training in the state kindergardens in town. The fee for the kindergarden is 500 Tanzanian Shilling per month (about 0,72 Euro). In 2003 the kindergarden was extended through the construction of two more rooms because of the great demand. The recognition by the state and the payment of the kindergarden teachers followed.

The partner kindergarden TIEGERENTE from Hamburg collects 1 Euro per child per month and therefore contributes for the continuing education for the kindergarden teachers, a daily warm meal and medications for the children as well as to teaching and learning material.

Shortly after my arrival at the end of January the first meeting with the school committee took place. I reported that the money for the building extension of a third class roof of the nursery school was available. At this meeting I also learned that also a store was to be built. I pointed out the cost frame that we had to mind.

Conveying is the argument that through the additional construction of a storage room all the conditions of the ministry would be fulfilled to give the kindergarden to the state regime: Three class rooms, a headmaster office, a store and bathrooms for boys and girls.

State regime meant a small income for the trained kindergarden teachers and some support for the acquisition of teaching material. Up to now all six women work for almost no payment, because the 500 TSh. (50 Euro cent) that the parents are supposed to pay are not paid by all. Often the money of the parents is not sufficient for the acquisition of the school uniform. At the end of each meeting it is agreed to write to the parents of the children to ask them for their help.