On February 27th in 2012 the 49 local technicians trained by ZASEA founded 6 Units to be better connected. In two of these UNITS so called Economical Solar Plants (ESP) were installed in the meantime. An ESP is an 85 watt solar system at which mobile phones can be charged. For each charging the UNIT-manager charges a fee of 200 TSh (approx. 11 Cent). From this revenue ZASEA receives a leasing rate of 16.000 TSh per month (approx. 10 USD). An additional amount of 10.000 TSh per month is being saved up for potential substitution of spare parts. The remainder represents the UNIT-managers’ income which were approx. 46.000 TSh (29 USD) until now. As these UNITS make the use of solar technology known to people, they in itself are the perfect advertising medium. Additionally all UNIT-manager are available to give information on solar technology and are in close dialogue with the Kikwajuni Solarshop. A further three UNITS will be equipped with ESP in the near future. The PEMBA-Unit, where the need is highest, will be first. Regarding the other two ESP all UNIT-members will arrange for their distribution among themselves. We are over and over again amazed by the seriousness and expertise at which such things are being discussed and decided.


ZASEA Village goes Solar 2011
ZASEA Microenergize Zanzibar 2009