In Kariakoo, the most densely populated commercial district of Dar es Salaam, thousands of diesel generators create unbearable carbon dioxide emissions whenever a power cut occurs. Volunteers of DTP/TAREA have gathered information by interviewing 100 shop owners in 2006/07. Based on the results of this survey energy consulting and energy assessments could now be provided. Three reference-shops were offered to participate in the GENERATOR ZERO project and receive financial support in order acquire a back-up system and to compensate the risks that always goes hand in hand with new systems. The shop owners agreed to dispose of their generators and use the back-up systems in case of power outages. They represent an example that should or can be imitated. In case that anybody is interested how the system works the shop owners have to assist with information.

In the next phase of the project two engineering students from the University of Dar es Salaam have carried out energy consulting as well as energy assessments in cooperation with three volunteers of DTP/TAREA. The 15 shops participating received corresponding certificates. Barber shops enjoy priority in the GENERATOR ZERO project since they have a high multiplier effect. In cooperation with the company ENSOL Ltd. the accurate calculation of the cost and their allocation shall be determined. Subsequently to this project the necessary information shall be gathered in order to realize a solar operated back-up model.