Many people in rural areas use kerosene lamps or candles for lighting. The desire for bright and "clean" light can be satisfied through the use of solar energy – after all the sun basically shines every day in most of these areas. To meet these needs, the Indian NGO THRIVE Energy developed high quality and low budget solar powered LED lights. In 2010 THRIVE project "One Child – One Light" was awarded the Lighting Africa Award. Since February 2012 the same project is being carried out on Zanzibar in cooperation with the Zanzibar Solar Energy Association (ZASEA) and the Kikwajuni Zanzibar Solar Shop, as well as the NGO THRIVE Energy from India and the DTP from Germany. In a workshop on Zanzibar five women were trained to compile these solar lamps. As a consequence they are now able to generate an income. Schools can also apply at ZASEA to participate in the project and can obtain a course on the use and benefits of solar lamps.


Objectives of the project:

  • Clean and affordable light for students in villages without access to the grid
  • Climate protection through avoiding carbon dioxide emissions
  • Forward-looking qualification for women
  • Technical training and income generating for women
  • Generating experience with solar technology in families
  • Incentive raising to use solar technology as a source of energy

Accomplishments of the project:

  • Practical classes on renewable energy and solar technology
  • 40 solar lamps (Student Lights) for an affordable price for students
  • Three lamps free of charge for teachers

After the first TV reports about the new solar school programme were aired on TV Zanzibar, 11 schools sent in their application.

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