Intercultural understanding, spread of the usage of solar energy through village schools and new jobs for adolescents in Tanzania, these were the goals of the new project. Every year the Deutsch-Tansanische Partnerschaft e.V. (DTP) sends two young people for their community service to Kizimkazi mkunguni, an Islamic village on the Southern point of Zanzibar. They work together with the students of the secondary school, construct and rent solar lamps.

After the mounting of the workshop, the studies of the first classes in 2000/01 and the construction of the lamp renting agency, the project was quickly extended. 14 villages joined in the usage of solar lamps, a newly developed solar mini-battery charger was being tested, a workshop "How to build a solar home system" and a Swahili reader about solar techniques, the foundation of ZASEA (Zanzibar Solar Energy Association) and developments that are adapted again and again for the needs of the people. In this way the experiences of the people on site were extended over time.