In March 2003 the DTP and the Tanzania Solar Energy Association (TASEA) organized the Swahili workshop „Namna ya kutengeneza Umeme wa Jua Majumbani" – How to install solar home systems in the house. Participants were the solar lamp students and teachers. The material used in the workshop had been translated from English to Swahili by Dr. Kimambo and Richard Magembe. After three days of theory the group moved to installing solar home systems in two schools. At the end of the workshop ZASEA was founded. The registration of ZASEA as an NGO followed in April 2006. All DTP solar projects of the past year were realized together with ZASEA. In Februar 2007 the ZASEA office was opened in Zanzibar Town to do lobby work and to form capacity from a central place.

ZASEA activities

ZASEA office opening

ZASEA photos