The solar book "Umeme wa Jua na Matumizi Yake", translated "Solar Energies and its Applications", was written in cooperation of the Deutsch-Tansanische Partnerschaft e.V. and TASEA (Tanzania Solar Energy Association), the umbrella organization for renewable energies in Tanzania.

The substructure of a textbook on solar techniques was set up during a workshop on the topic "How to build a solar home system", which was held in 2003. It was the first textbook in Swahili language. Since some technical terms had not existed in Swahili, words were developed in agreement with the "Swahili Council".

The background of the project was the idea to forward the spread of renewable energies in Tanzania. To reach this goal, understanding and acceptance of this new technology needs to be built up among the people. One of the biggest problems in that issue was the lack of information in the national language Swahili. The book therefore is the first book written in Swahili about renewable energies. It suits for beginners who want to get an overview of the alternative energies, as well as for advanced people and can also be used for training units.

In their book the authors describe several forms of energy that are caused by the sun as well as their significance and usage as an alternative source of energy in Tanzania. They also write about the avoidance of negative effects through the use of conventional forms of energy. The emphasis of the book is on the direct usage of the sun energy with photovoltaic and other technologies appropriate for the usage of renewable energies in developing countries.

The book is available in the TAREA office in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania Solar Energy Association, and its branches in Arusha, Iringa and Mwanza.