Unsere Süd-Nord-Freiwilligen seit September 2019

Auch in diesem Jahr machen wieder zwei Tansanier über unser Süd-Nord-Programm einen Freiwilligendienst in Hamburg. Hier stellen sich die beiden vor.

Süd-Nord-Freiwillge 2019-20 Süd-Nord-Freiwillge 2019-20 Deborah Nnko und Suleiman Sadik [Foto von Deborah Nnko und Suleiman Sadik, Deborah Nnko & Suleiman Sadik]

My name is Deborah Nnko, currently I am a volunteer with DTP here in Germany. I live in Hamburg and work at a kindergarten in Winterhude. I am really enjoying my work there because I love children, and for me coming from a big family it truly is no hustle to cope, and I also have the best work colleagues in the world. In my free time I enjoy watching movies, anime, animated shows, reading manga, dancing, going to church, meeting new people and simply wondering around and discovering what this world has to offer. Life in Hamburg has been a whirlwind with everything being so new and different, but I find that to be challenging and thus exciting. My favourite part things so far have been the many varieties of food, the cold weather, the very old buildings. I hope to see a castle though, haven’t seen one yet. I really miss the rice from home, the beach, my family and my friends. I do not like the homesickness though, and the dark gray weather is not helping at all. I am very excited for the spring and finally summer.

My name is Suleiman Sadiki Khamis with 25 ages born and grew up in Tanzania specifically in Zanzibar. I am an interactive theater trainer - a Tanzanian youth who is very faithful, hardworking, commitment, innovative, good ambitious, positive attitude, and with good perspectives in everything. I managed to acquire formal education, primary to advanced level, at Zanzibar in Tanzania. In 2016 I was involved in a science exhibition as representative of my school in Zanzibar and I got awarded as young innovative scientist in Tanzania. I also participated in children council for all my childhood in Zanzibar. Then I joined the youth council only for a year and I started with a big voluntary service project with SAVE THE CHILDREN and UNICEF. It was a project called 'AFYA BORA KWA MAMA NA MTOTO' ('Better health for mother and child') for three years in Zanzibar. After that, I joined VSO in mainland Tanzania and worked with them for eight month in a project called THEATER FOR CHANGE, which was based in Lindi region and I stack with them until I become a theater trainer through a special training course conducted by them in Mwanza.

On September 7th 2019, my new voluntary journey began with TYC & DTP in Hamburg. It's a beautiful city and a lot of development. I really like the program and I love DTP. They’re very neat people to me and working in the office is a safer place. I couldn’t even imagine before that I am going to working in the office of cultural and media organisation "Kinderkulturkarawane".

On 6th of December 2019, I participated in one of DTP former volunteers seminars at Koblenz. I liked the environment, and the weather. I was even more impressed by how many of former volunteers speak swahili. It adds values to my mother tongue. I felt like safe to be with them. It was a very good memory, also at the seminar they had so many fruits, so many that I must say 'I couldn’t eat all', but I liked the way the DTP seminar was conducted to discussed topic. It was awesome. I wished I could have seen all former volunteers.