My First Christmas in Germany

Last year I had my first amazing Christmas here in Germany.

big wheel big wheel [Foto von Fatma Wambura, Der Veröffentlichung wurde durch die Fotografin zugestimmt.]

I am beyond grateful for every experience I go through here in Germany and every experience has its own uniqueness. My time here has been amazing and wonderful because of the family I have here and my colleagues too who treat me with absolutely love and patience, especially because my level of German language is still poor, but they support me 100% through this journey.

Back to the main point. Last year December 2023 I had my first amazing Christmas here in Germany and I celebrated it with my host family. They first took me to Christmas Market where I had to ride this crazy rides which can be scary and fun at the same time. Despite my dizziness afterwards I enjoyed every moment of it. We did some tree decorations and gifts preparation which was also my first experience, then we all waited eagerly for Christmas to come so we can wrap and open our gifts. Honestly speaking that was the best moment out of all. They gave me a lot of gifts which I did not expect them to do so, but they did anyway. I gave them what my pocket could afford as well.

The house was full of joy with family and some of their friends who joined us. After Gifts opening, we had wonderful meal together and I enjoyed it a lot. What I observed here is that Christmas is taken way more serious in my opinion compared to where I grew up, although it is a big celebration in Tanzania as well.

In the end I would like to send my appreciations and gratitude to DTP and Action for Community Care (ACC) because without them giving me this opportunity to come here as a volunteer I would have never had this beautiful experience.